Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary (FAAAS) advocates for animal welfare, providing rescue, rehabilitation and permanent retirement to horses and other animals in need. Though our primary focus is on horses, we do not discriminate against any animal, due to breed or disability.

Visitors are welcome by appointment only. If you’d like to bring your group to our farm for a visit, please email or send us a message through Facebook. We do our best to respond within 24 hours or less.

Mission Statement

“The mission of Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary (“FAAAS”) is to provide safe refuge, rehabilitation and retirement aftercare for special needs horses and other animals in need either on our premises or through our partner network.  While our primary focus is horses, we do not discriminate against any animal or breed. All creatures in our care are treated humanely and with compassion. Our “rescues” are not farm animals. Through rehabilitation, they are retrained for purposeful living in our community through a range of initiatives serving seniors, children and veterans. We are an all-volunteer organization with 100% of revenue from all sources going directly to the care of our special needs animals and the maintenance of the facility they call “home.”

FAAAS is part of a national ad-hoc anti-slaughter network that works with other individuals and organizations to advocate for animal welfare and humane treatment for equines and all animals. By identifying abusers and educating the public to the injustices befalling these animals, we seek a positive and permanent impact on the growing trend of animal exploitation and horse slaughter in the United States.”



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