Michele resides in Medina, Ohio with her daughter.  She attended Suffolk Community College and Northern Virginia Community College where she completed her Associates Degree in Business Administration. Michele is the Office Manager for eleventy marketing group, an Akron based marketing agency. She self-funded this nearly 12-acre farm for 6 years before gaining nonprofit 501(c)(3) status in 2013.

It acts as an equine/animal retirement facility in Medina, Ohio.  Current residents at this farm include special needs horses, hens, an assortment of once feral cats and dogs, all that have been rescued by Michele. Michele has been at the forefront of animal welfare, working in conjunction with other animal welfare organizations and other rescues, at the local, national and international level; including The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Medina County SPCA, and Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Michele has been involved in horse rescue since 2006 and has rescued in excess of 45 horses during that time, raising tens of thousands of dollars in donations for other animal rescues and organizations as well as her own.  Michele has been used to investigate animal abuse cases and has testified in high profile animal abuse and related trials in the states of Ohio and West Virginia.

In November of 2017, Michele was honored to earn her certification as an Equine Specialist (ES) in the EAGALA model , so that she and her team can provide Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) to NE Ohio’s Military Veterans, come Spring of 2018!  This long time “dream” has now become reality and brings Michele’s vision full circle, and will formally offer therapy services to veterans, by utilizing these special needs horses.  She hopes to give all participants of this program healing and a new lease on life!

Michele has more than 25 years of hands on experience in various areas including:  animal care (rescue, rehabilitation, retirement and on the ground training of horses and animals of various breeds and special needs); sales, fundraising, retail management, human resources and benefits administration, project management, accounting, customer service, and business administration.

Michele is very active and enjoys all sports and participates in many outdoor sports, including running, horseback riding, skiing, hiking, and canoeing.



James Moran is originally from the Detroit area in Michigan and moved to Ohio in the Cleveland/Akron area in 2003. He has worked in retail management, marketing, client services, and business intelligence and analytics for the past 25 years. James has worked with many of the top non profit organizations across the country to improve donor acquisition, retention, and lifetime value.

Currently he is the Vice President of Marketing Intelligence and Analytics for the eleventy marketing group in Akron, Ohio. James holds an MBA in Marketing and is an avid reader of history. He is married and has two children and a cat named Jordan and a dog named Izzy. Jim and his family enjoy being active, the outdoors and all types of animals.



A long-time resident of Charleston, SC, Deb served on the FAAAS Board for 6 years as Secretary, assuming the role of Treasurer in 2020.  In her role as Treasurer, Deb is responsible for financial oversight to our growing organization, as well as focusing on development, marketing and funding initiatives. She has played a critical role in numerous, highly successful new business launches, acquisitions, and turn around projects requiring extensive hands-on experience in program development and administration, fiscal management, process planning and logistics at Reebok International, totes Isotoner Corporation, and most recently, the Lowcountry Food Bank.

Active in a number of local volunteer efforts, Deb’s expertise includes leadership in building collaborative partnerships and inspiring community investment to sustain, develop, and expand effective, innovative programs for underserved populations in tri-county Charleston, South Carolina. Deb is a graduate of Bellevue University and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human and Social Services Administration.



Rebecca Wildman hails from Columbus Ohio and received her B.S. in Finance from The Ohio State University. A longtime resident of the Cleveland area, she has worked in various capacities for Ernst & Young for the past 20 years. Rebecca and her husband, an army veteran, began fostering in 2017 and have successfully transitioned 8 dogs from the shelter to new forever homes.  They currently share their home in Granger Township with 5 dogs. Previous to joining the board in 2019, Rebecca volunteered at FAAAS assisting in updating financial reports. In her free time, you’ll find her playing upright bass in a rockabilly band accompanied by her husband on drums.



Jean Kelly, a wife and mother of two teenagers, holds a Bachelor of Science in education. She is also a licensed professional hair stylist/make up artist, entrepreneur, sewing and craft enthusiast and animal lover. Jean is active in fund raising at the local and national level.  She believes that the world would be a better place if all living creatures were treated with kindness and compassion.  Jean is a huge advocate for horses, dogs and all animals in need.



Residing in Medina, Ohio, Rhonda has her BA in English from Ohio University. From there, she went on to earn her MA in English Education from Brooklyn College in New York City. Her years in NYC were spent teaching English, studying, training new teachers, and enjoying city life. Once back in Ohio, Rhonda began teaching basic writing and composition at the University of Akron. 

She also began volunteering at Project Learn of Medina County teaching English as a second language. She is also a certified yoga instructor and has interest in learning about Reiki for both humans and horses.

Currently, Rhonda lives in Medina, Ohio with her husband and two children. Her children’s 4H meeting at FAAAS sparked her interest in volunteering with her daughter. They continue to learn about horses, through patience and compassion at the barn. They also hope to apply these skills to benefit their own small farm of goats, chickens, dogs, and one cool cat.



A longtime friend of FAAAS, Nina joined our Board in 2017. She is a retired letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, where she also served as an instructor at the letter carrier training academy. An animal lover at heart, Nina had occasions to rescue small wildlife and small dogs from time to time while out on her daily mail route. Several years ago, Nina’s granddaughter introduced her to FAAAS where together they are volunteers of our Barn Buddies program.  Since joining FAAAS, Nina has been instrumental in procuring goods and services at the local level as our donation solicitor.



When it comes to marketing, Ken Dawson believes there is power in numbers. In his current role as president of eleventy marketing group, Ken shows nonprofit organizations and corporations how harnessing the power of customer analytics can drive creative content and channel. He strives to shatter the perception that greater segmentation and focused messaging have to be difficult and daunting. In fact, he believes technology is making targeted marketing easier every day.

Ken honed his unique, data-driven approach to marketing through two decades of nonprofit and commercial marketing success. Ken’s innovative ideas, implementation of cutting-edge technology, and customer-service skills have earned him a reputation as an industry leader in nonprofit fundraising and commercial programs. Over the past 16 years, he has personally overseen more than $1 billion in total fundraising.

Prior to taking the reins at eleventy, he was Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at a large marketing company where he managed a team of over 100 professionals. For the past three years, Ken has served on the Board of Directors for the Direct Marketing Association and the DMA Non Profit Federation Advisory Council. He also currently serves on the board of the Good Samaritan Hunger Center. Many moons prior, Ken graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Business Management.

When he’s not working to make the marketing world a better place, Ken puts his astute business mind to work as partner/owner of multiple grocery stores and real estate rental properties. Outside the office, Ken wears just as many hats – musician, avid golfer, fisherman, sports enthusiast, animal lover and, most importantly, loving husband and father to two young daughters.


Sybil “Syb” Miller is a visual artist, writer, musician and professor of photocommunications atSt. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. The daughter of a rural veterinarian, she grew up in Missouri surrounded by animals large and small, and frequently accompanied her father on his rural calls until his retirement in 1988.  She found his work with cattle especially intriguing, but her true passion was for the horses he encountered in his practice.

During her youth, she rode any horse she could climb on, racing across the pastures and fields, and had her own very special horse, an Appaloosa ex-barrel racer named Cochise. As a teenager, she worked on an Arabian breeding farm.  She began her photographic work in the attempt to make better photographs of the horses on this farm, and was urged by others to study photography in college.

After completing her undergraduate work at the University of Missouri, she earned her graduate degree at the University of Texas and continued to pursue an academic career which now includes twenty-seven years of teaching, administrative work, and numerous publications and exhibitions. Her photographic work led to extensive travels throughout the United States, Europe and Asia over the course of twenty years. After she began riding a retired racehorse in 2007, she fell in love with the thoroughbred breed and shortly thereafter adopted her own thoroughbred, an ex-racehorse named Redabyebye. She now devotes her free time to retraining Redabyebye and exploring all things related to horses, and thoroughbreds in particular, from myth and symbol to current issues facing thoroughbreds on and off the track, to varied training approaches and modalities aimed at creating a strong horse-human bond. Her current creative work-in-progress is titled Xenophon’s Horse, a video/audio installation that brings together both her research and her personal experiences, and explores the role of the horse in human history.



Growing up as the daughter of an Air Force veteran and as an avid animal rescuer, Sheridon was drawn to Forever Amber Acres’ opportunity to work with other animals and support the military community.  She volunteered with FAAAS for a year and a half before taking on the role of Volunteer Coordinator so that she could remain active in the organization while going to school in Columbus. Sheridon plans to graduate from the Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Medieval Renaissance Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She hopes to use her passion for writing and literature to inspire herself and others to care more deeply for the planet, using these skills for the conservation of species and natural resources.  She fights every day to minimize her carbon footprint and ecological impact by reducing her plastic consumption and endeavoring to live a zero-waste lifestyle.



Brad Buening is an Air Force veteran of 30 years. During his four year tenure as our volunteer coordinator Brad formalized our volunteer recruitment process, managed and grew our volunteer roster to better support the demanding daily needs of our horses and facility, recruited and trained new volunteers for horse and animal care and administered animal safety training.  Brad has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and recently earned his MBA. Brad and his wife Michelle reside in Valley City, Ohio. They have 3 grown children and their dog, Toby. When he’s not at home you may find him on the golf course or riding his “steel horse” across the Ohio landscape. While his new professional demands as a teacher at Strongsville High School made it impossible for Brad to continue on as our volunteer coordinator, he continues to lend his support on specific efforts including enlisting his ROTC group at Strongsville to repaint our barn this past fall. Brad’s wife, Michelle, continues to support our donor appreciation efforts with perfectly penned, personalized “thank you’s” to our wonderful donors!

We thank Brad for his military service to our country and his leadership and support in making us a stronger organization for the future.



Corey is an experienced print designer. Berresford also does photography, painting, illustration, branding, strategy and more. She does freelance and volunteer design as well as art direction and account and project management. She has more than 16 years of design experience working in a corporation serving non-profit, B2C and B2C clients. Corey currently serves on the board for the Akron Canton American Marketing Association as Vice President of Hospitality.

Berresford has her baccalaureate in advertising with a marketing minor from Kent State University. Some of her skills include Keynote and Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Video Production and Editing, Data Analysis, and Asset Management. When she’s not working, Corey enjoys music, history, trivia, literature, art, and much more. She truly enjoys making others laugh and caring for other people as well as animals. Berresford also likes the outdoors and nature.