Friends of Forever Amber

Want to become a friend to Forever Amber Acres? There are so many ways to help us! Start by becoming a sponsor. Here are four levels of sponsorship, depending on the level of support given. 

  • Hay Makers – Donate any monthly amount
  • Gait Keepers – Donate a monthly amount of $20 or more
  • The Bridle Party – Donates a monthly amount of $75 or more
  • Big Muckity-Mucks – Donates over $200 annually
  • The Winner’s Circle – Donates over $500 annually

We also love having volunteers. Become a Barn Buddy today!

Friends of FAAAS

Trisha Beban Yost 

“The fate of animals is of far greater importance to me than the fear of appearing ridiculous.”

-Emile Zola


Silvia Hauber 

silvia hauber





Patron Sponsors

Greg and Bonnie Deininger 

faaas greg and bonnie deininger major donors 2014-2015







Jennifer and Drew Coufal – in loving memory of Diesel Ruppelis

The Coufal’s were Diesel’s only babysitters for the past 11 years, their home became his home away from home. Diesel’s family had been providing him only the very best care and life that any dog could desire and benefited from acupuncture and laser treatments for two years. In April of 2016, when this sweet boy was not able to hold his own, his family was faced with making the most painful decision we often need to do for our fur family and let him cross the Rainbow Bridge with dignity.  The Coufal’s have been most generous to FAAAS since June of 2015 and again with their contribution in memory of this delightful boy who is sorely missed by everyone that loved him so.

RIP noble, beautiful Diesel!

Diesel in loving memory - Jennifer Coufal









Because of the generous support of “Redabyebye” our OTTB friend, a former racehorse athlete; we were able to have this wonderful website to share our mission with the world!  Thanks Red!!

FAAAS-Adv Member-Syb Miller












Corporate Sponsors and Grantors!