Known as Big Amos on the race track, this 8 year old joined us on June 23, 2017. Previously a race horse on a track in West Virginia, he was sent to auction and purchased by a kill buyer (meat man) to be slaughtered. Luckily our connections at The RACE FUND got ahold of him before he shipped for processing! Emaciated and suffering from many injuries that happened both on and off the track, he is only one of the many race horses who get abandoned when they stop winning or become injured. We are lucky to be able to provide him with a warm stall and lots of fresh hay. Spirit has been diagnosed with a variety of conditions including severe arthritis, narcolepsy, obsessive compulsive and anxiety disorders. Treated terribly after he got off the track, Spirit is safe now. Spirit is now a member of our treatment team for our EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy) Animal Assisted Therapy program. This program officially launched in May of 2018! He will be one of 6 horse residents helping military veterans and other who suffer emotionally through our EAGALA program. Please consider sponsoring him. He requires a LOT of extra TLC to keep him comfortable!

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In November of 2014, FAAAS received this 23 year old ex-broodmare, Trakehner Warmblood mare “Shari”. She was an owner surrender. Originally, Shari was placed with a new home and protected with our First Right of Refusal Contract. When her situation turned sour, we rescued her once again. Unfortunately, she was 450 lbs underweight. A volunteer paired up with Jasper County Sherif Department (South Carolina) to bring her to our sanctuary safely. Due to her past, we have decided to make her a permanent resident here at FAAAS. She's been through neglectful situations, pharmaceutical experiments, and more. Shari is currently suffering from tumors on her reproductive organs. Luckily, we have caught this early. She is receiving treatment and extra hay too! With daily steroids to shrink the tumor, we also feed her special pelleted hay to help with her teeth. Her caring nature has earned Shari the nickname Mama around the sanctuary. Shari is also a valuable member of our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program here at Forever Amber Acres!

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Princess Passion

One of our hardest cases, Passion was rescued on April 10, 2009. 2 years old and suffering from worms, malnourishment (300 lbs underweight), with most of her tail and mane pulled off, she had been severely abused and neglected. This all happened on a southern Ohio Amish farm. Her previous owners beat her and kept her locked up in a small closet. Her stall was never cleaned and she was provided with no water or hay. Once rescued, her rehabilitation began. Attended by a volunteer, Passion took walks around the sanctuary. She began to assimilate into a herd for the first time, slowly learning to socialize with the other horses and people. By winter 2010, this once frightened little pony had not only learned to trust humans, but became the first greeter of visitors to our farm! She is now the resident escape artist of FAAAS, opening gate locks to let the other horses out, stealing grooming brushes, cell phones, hoho’s, and opening up garbage pails. Though she suffers from stomach ulcers, insulin resistance, arthritis, thyroid imbalances and more, she thoroughly enjoys her time with her friends here. Passion is a client favorite during Equine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions. She teaches clients how to trust again and is always ready for an equine activity in the paddock like hula hooping or playing soccer.

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Originally known as Crafty Cape during 7 years of his racing career, his story begins at Beulah Park Racetrack on April 14, 2012. Just nine days after running his final race there, he was abandoned. Left behind a barn, Canter, Ohio, found him and contacted Michele to assist in Freedom’s rescue. Four days later, on April 18, 2012, Freedom joined our sanctuary. For the first time, he would be part of a herd. Life on a farm takes time, but Freedom’s demeanor is easy because he knows instinctively that he is safe here. After a year of rest from the track, and given time to acclimate to his new herd and his new life on the farm, Freedom has free run of our 10-acre pasture and is enjoying his new digs. Freedom continues his training to carry experienced, advanced riders for light riding on the far. However, Freedom is limited due to a prior fracture in his coffin bone in his foot. He also suffers from recurring colic and is on a special diet plus herbal supplements. In his free time, Freedom now helps humans with their own recovery as a EAGALA Equine Assisted Therapy horse. Freedom knows how to teach clients to slow it down and not stress out!

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Bodi's Buddy

Meet Bodi’s Buddy, an 20 year old off the track thoroughbred who has now made his way to a life of retirement at FAAAS (as of October 2016). Here he will stay and has become a vital part of our animal assisted therapy program soon. Our network of friends rescued him from the New Holland Auction, kill pen in Pennsylvania late one Sunday evening in September 2016, before the meat man shipped him to slaughter. Bodi was at the auction with 5 other OTTB’S and he was the only one that didn’t have a home offer from other rescues. We couldn't turn our backs on him. Bodi suffers from a previous shoulder injury, arthritis, anxiety, colic and more. To help him with anxiety, Bodi recieves Reiki Therapy along with medicine and supplements for his other ailments. Bodi is known to teach friends to push through depression and overcome anxiety.

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Meet Hap the App. In November of 2016, we happily welcomed this beautiful now 29 year young Appaloosa gelding to our facility. Now a retiree, Hap the App spends his days frolicking in the fields with his friends here at FAAAS. He was retired to us by a wonderful family who understood that they couldn't take care of him any longer at the boarding facility where he once called home as a lesson horse and trail riding companion. We are more than happy to give this senior guy a loving home! Hap is already become a healing element to the Military Veterans and barn buddies, and many visitors of FAAAS! Hap is the comedian of the herd, always playful playing halter tag with Spirit in the pasture! Hap has a very special bond and connection with Bodi and Spirit. When Spirit struggles with his addictive behavior, Hap is the first in line to nudge his butt and remind him that he needs to go off and enjoy life with the herd, and not to let his addictions and stress get the best of him! Hap teaches everyone the beauty of patience around here. He is a wonderful teacher to all that meet him!

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