In November of 2014, FAAAS received this 20 year young ex-broodmare, Trakehner Warmblood mare “Shari” as an owner surrender. As with all of our rescues, if we cannot provide them refuge on our property, we seek out qualified and loving homes. These animals are placed under our First Right of Refusal agreement to insure their safety and return to us if the horse should fall into an unfavorable situation again. Though we do our best through background checks and references, there is no way to know for certain that the animal won’t need us to step in again. We keep up with our adopters through calls, emails and social media, pictures and videos…but even then, sometimes situations turn bad, as is now the case for Shari. Our thanks to the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department Animal Control and Beaufort County Animal Control, who worked diligently for us to insure we could bring Shari home to Ohio ALIVE. 

Thanks, once again, to our amazing, selfless friend and volunteer, David Lyons and his father Butch, who didn’t think twice about jumping into their truck and rigging up our trailer to make the more than 1,400 mile journey within hours of discovering that Shari was in need. Now Shari, an innocent victim of neglect and abuse, completed her long journey home to a lengthy rehabilitation once again. But as a friend of FAAAS reminded us, with our patience, care, love and understanding she will once again thrive – and she has!

Shari’s care placed a tremendous burden on our already challenged budget and we’re appealing to all of our friends for your compassion and support! Every donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated and tax deductible.

Update Fall 2016: Shari was diagnosed with tumors on her reproductive organs and early stages of cancer. We are treating her symptoms and keeping her comfortable. You can also keep up with her progress here.

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Passion_bio_pic_091613Just 2 years old on Good Friday, April 10, 2009, Passion was a scared, neglected, abused pony on her way to slaughter when she was rescued by FAAAS. Full of worms, 300 pounds underweight, with most of her tail pulled off, the only human touch this little pony knew was frightful. Passion had been repeatedly beaten with a 2’x4′ by her owners on an Amish farm in Ohio. Locked up in a small closet feet deep in her own manure, no water bucket or hay to eat, only small amounts of straw, Passion was so traumatized by unspeakable abuse, she shivered at the mere look of a human.

Upon arrival at FAAAS, Passion had to be quarantined in a private stall for 30 days before being introduced to the herd due to her uncertain health and background and so as not to risk getting the other horses sick. Her rehabilitation began as a series of long, one-on-one walks around the farm for exercise several times each day. Attended by Paul Bolinger, who brought her back at midnight on Good Friday, Passion learned to trust him first. Her swollen belly, sunken hips, legs stocked up from her previous confinement and lack of exercise told a visual tale of the horror Passion had endured in her young life.
Her winter coat had still not shed-out by early summer because of poor nutrition and lack of grooming. Her eyes were sad, but Passion finally knew she was safe. She began to assimilate into a herd for the first time, slowly learning to socialize with the other horses and with humans in her new home. In mid-summer 2009, Passion finally shed her winter coat, and began to put on weight. By winter 2010, basking in the warmth of the sun and the freedom of Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary, this once frightened little pony had not only learned to trust humans, but became the first greeter of visitors to our farm!

Today, Passion is well socialized, well fed, and sports a beautiful tail. This now 9-year-old pony (as of 2016), with a mischievous spirit, is the resident escape artist of FAAAS, opening gate locks to let the other horses out, stealing grooming brushes, cell phones, hoho’s, and opening up garbage pails. The sadness is gone from her eyes; the abuse suffered at the Amish farm, a distant memory for this very happy little angel of Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary. In the Fall of 2013 Passion was diagnosed with hind gut ulcers and heaves. She continues to be  on a special diet and medications to control this.  If you’d like to help with continuing Passion’s care (now renamed Princess by our volunteer Barn Buddies – because she responds well to this name), at Forever Amber Acres click below to sponsor, or give a gift of a one time donation by clicking donate below!


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Crafty Cape – FREEDOM

Fans in the thoroughbred racing world may have known Freedom as Crafty Cape during the 7 years of his racing career, but the real story of this majestic animal’s life begins off the Beulah Park Racetrack on April 14, 2012, just nine days after running his final race there. Found behind a barn by Canter, Ohio, an organization whose mission is to find ex-thoroughbred race horses new homes and new careers, Michele Bolinger receives the call to assist in Freedom’s rescue from the likely long road to hell leading to a Canadian slaughterhouse.

Owing to the amazing network that exists among like-minded organizations like Canter, Ohio, and Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary, four days later, on April 18, 2012, Freedom is instead being off-loaded from a trailer after a long, bumpy ride from Columbus, into the welcoming safety and security of FAAAS. Living the life of a thoroughbred race horse, going from trailer to trailer, stall to stall, and track to track, Freedom is at first uncertain of these new surroundings. Becoming accustomed for the first time to being part of a herd, and life on a farm takes time, but Freedom’s demeanor is easy because he knows instinctively that he is safe here.

After a year of rest from the track, and given time to acclimate to his new herd and his new life on the farm, Freedom has free run of our 10-acre pasture and is enjoying his new digs—a customized 18’x16′ stall expressly built by FAAAS volunteers to accommodate the special needs of a majestic thoroughbred horse like Freedom. Freedom continues his training to carry riders for light riding on the farm; a new career for a thoroughbred with too much life and too beautiful a stride to be wasted on retirement. In the Fall of 2013 Freedom began experiencing colic symptoms and continues to fight this condition. He is now on a special diet and herbal supplements to keep it under control.  If you’d like to help with continuing Freedom’s care at Forever Amber Acres click below to sponsor, or give a gift of a one time donation by clicking donate below!



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Bodi’s Buddy

9976Meet Bodi’s Buddy, an 18 year old off the track thoroughbred who has now made his way to a life of retirement at FAAAS (as of October 2016), where he will stay and hopefully become part of our animal assisted therapy program soon. Our network of friends rescued him from the New Holland Auction, kill pen in Pennsylvania late one Sunday evening in September 2016, before the meat man shipped him to slaughter. Bodi was at the auction with 5 other OTTB’S and he was the only one that didn’t have a home offer from other rescues.  We couldnt turn our backs on him…now…we need your help and support!

Help us feed Bodi and his buddies, here at FAAAS this winter and forever by donating.


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We are proud to welcome this beautiful 27 year young Apaloosa gelding to our facility. Now a retiree, Hap the App will be spending his days frolicking in the fields with his new friends here at FAAAS. If you’d like to sponsor retired horses like this gorgeous addition to our herd; please feel free to fill out the subscription information below!

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