Clicker Training Success

This past Saturday we held our first ever clicker training event! Our professional trainer, Jennifer Mauger, donated her services to our guests this morning. This means Le'Chaime Canine has helped us raise over $200 for our resident animals! Jennifer did demos with not only our horses, but our hens too! Her techniques rely on positive reinforcement. This means both animals and people get to have a fun time with the training!

We'd love thank everyone who came out to participate in this event. Our volunteers and donors are a vital part of FAAAS and mean the world to us. They're the reason we've been able to rescue and rehabilitate so many furry friends. If you'd like to become a member of the FAAAS family, consider volunteering with us! Check out this page for more information on our volunteering opportunities.

We also have many upcoming events that we'd love to see you at. See what's coming up next on our calendar. Our non-profit also accepts tax deductible donations. Whether its one time, monthly, or even yearly, we truly appreciate all you have to give!  Visit our donations page or simply use the button at the bottom of the screen to get started.