Hen House Renovations

A Weekend Well Spent

Our barn buddy, Dan, did the most this weekend by upgrading The FAAAS hen house. Our lovely ladies have been working hard laying eggs and eating pests. We think they definitely deserved it! They’re now sittin’ pretty enjoying the fall weather with the rest of their family at the sanctuary.

Did you know: 

  • Chickens are omnivores. This means they eat everything from plants and grains to mice and even lizards!
  • Female chickens are called pullets until they lay their first egg. Then they are called hens.
  • The chicken was the first bird to have its genome sequenced.
  • With 25 billion chickens in the world, thats more than any other bird species!

If you’d like to come visit the lovely ladies, feel free to email us at foreveramberacres@gmail.org. We do tours, training for new volunteers, and host a variety of mental health programs including our one-of-a-kind, V.E.T.S. program. Everyone at Forever Amber Acres looks forward to your next visit!