“Unbridled” – Equine Assisted Learning Workshops for Women



Unbridled” EAL Workshops 

Unbridled, meaning unrestrained are quarterly equine assisted and learning (EAL), experiential workshops offered to women, ages 21 and over. These 2 hour workshops are offered on designated Saturday’s throughout the year (see schedule below for specific dates) for a $50 donation per participant. While working with our special therapy horses, these sessions will be facilitated by two of our Eagala certified Equine Specialists from our treatment team. Each quarter we will address various topics that women deal with such as the challenges of motherhood, coping with the challenges of family – transitioning into retirement, discovering ones identity beyond wife and mother; self care – how do we take care of ourselves while taking care of others?  Participants will gain strength, confidence and a sense of self.

*Register for all four workshops and receive a 10% discount!

** Just tell us in the comments section which workshop you’re signing up for! Donate $50.00 for each workshop or $180.00 when you register for all four!

Times: 1 – 3pm

Price: $50 donation per workshop, per person or $180.00 for all four workshops

Seating is limited to 10 per session

Available to women, ages 21 and over

(Refund policy; if you need to cancel and wish to be eligible for a refund, 48 hours notice in advance of the event, by emailing us at Foreveramberacres@gmail.com)

2021 Quarterly Schedule:

*** SOLD OUT *** January 16, 2021  – “Perfectly Imperfect – living with imperfections”

Whether you’re a control freak, brutally honest, living by the seat of your pants even…all women deal with imperfections in our family life, work life, love life and every day obligations. The horses may show you how to embrace your imperfections.

April 24, 2021 – “Control”

Whether you’re being controlled or in constant control, through the horses help, let’s work on finding a balance.

September 18, 2021 – “Sharing the Load” – Learn to Delegate, Ask for Help, Accept Help

Learning to delegate is important because you can’t do it all by yourself. The horses will show you the way.

November 6, 2021 – “Caring for Ourselves”

The holidays are quickly approaching, we’re exhausted from our every growing “to-do” lists, we know we need to make time for ourselves, however we’re too tired! The focus of this workshop is self care, delegating, making time for hobbies and learning to just say no!