V.E.T.S Program

Our Purpose

Forever Amber Acres’ V.E.T.S. program is certified and professionally supervised. We provide a psychotherapy framework that allows every participant an unique opportunity to discover, learn and grow. Our V.E.T.S program does this through a human-horse relationship in a supportive, compassionate environment. We are also an EAGALA certified program. EAGALA is the globally recognized Gold Standard of Mental Health Professionals practicing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (“EAP”). Under this model, our horses are the primary facilitators of treatment. Guided by a certified Equine Specialist and credentialed, accredited Mental Health Professional, participants are able to work towards achieving sustainable, positive change.  

Our Practices

Sessions may be structured individually or in small groups with our horses and treatment team.  Please keep in mind that EAGALA isn’t therapeutic riding. V.E.T.S differs in that we offer an engaging experience. By using the intuitive power of the horse to sense emotions, professionally supervised encounters occur in a safe area, on the ground. This allows the human and horse to approach each other on equal footing in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Put simply, the horse is a therapy partner without an agenda. 

Our V.E.T.S. Program is community-based, client-centered and solution-oriented. Open to military veterans, families, and children for whom conventional therapies have not been effective, this program is accessible to those in need.  Built on the premise that each individual can best determine the kinds of changes they want to make in order to improve their lives, our V.E.T.S team puts the EAGALA model to work to help each individual achieve their goals.

Our Goals

The over-arching goal of our V.E.T.S Program is to offer a comprehensive therapeutic experience for those suffering from PTSD. We also treat other psychological and physiological issues. The effects of PTSD on the brain are deep seeded and extremely complex. When the brain is exposed to consistent trauma, as in war and combat, it locks-in the thoughts, fears, images and emotions of that experience. These remain long after the experience is over.  This is why the action-based, experiential approach of EAP is proving to be so effective in treating post-traumatic stress and related disorders. 

We acknowledge that the same hyper-vigilant mental state that serves to enhance a soldier’s abilities in war, can destroy the returning warrior. Our goal is to promote healing and recovery by addressing the cognitive, physical and emotional symptoms of PTSD. Within the therapeutic process, V.E.T.S. enables our clients to identify, confront, and find the solution to their specific life challenges and mental health issues. The most immediate focus of the V.E.T.S program is to provide services to uninsured military veterans. We also want to help their families and other under-served members of our local community.

FAAAS has established a V.E.T.S. Sponsorship Fund to assist participants without healthcare insurance and/or the means to private pay for services. For more information or to apply, fill out the form below or email foreveramberacres@gmail.com

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